The Child Within

Inner Child Borosilicate Crystal sculpture that fits in the palm of your hand. Each sculpture is one of a kind, as are you.

The comfortable feel of its smooth surface is soothing and inspiring, reduces stress and adds focus.

Yoga Poses

Individually hand-blown Crystal sculptures of yoga poses.

Guardian Angels

A beautiful addition to any Angel collection.


Show your inner child to the world

Inspirational glass sculptures by Herb Duncan.

Why Namasté Treasures?

Namasté Treasures is the online boutique that brings Herb Duncan’s unique, One of a kind creations to everyone. We are a USA and Scottish American based business made by a genuine Mosconi trained artisan and we love sharing our passion and love of glass art. Own a 100% authentic piece of art that embodies the Mosconi artistic culture and craftsmanship. We take great pride making affordable and timeless Sculptures and Jewelry.

Herb Duncan

Since 1993, Herb Duncan has been making unique, empowering gifts that raise your spirit, comfort your soul, and spark your creative mind.

Herb Duncan has been working with glass since he was 12 years old. He started in 1969 when he was taught by Italian Artist Louis Mosconi. He developed his Unique Style utilizing light, wood, and Stone.. For Herb, the thing that really excites him about working with glass is the way it plays with light.

It was such a delight to receive the crystal figure. I am grateful. Your kindness and thoughtfulness are appreciated.
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Oprah Winfrey

​Herb Duncan has designed these sculptures for Cancer and AIDS hospices, substance abuse Healing Centers, AA affiliates, and Metaphysical gift stores and catalogs since 1993. Oprah Winfrey was a recipient of The Child Within sculpture in 1995 to which she wrote a beautiful testimonial for the gift. To date over 75,000 have found homes in places as far away as Australia and India. Each is individually hand made and is one of a kind as is the child within you. It is a wonderful gift and comes in a its own velvet pouch to keep it safe. These magnificent sculptures are a gift of light and hope to someone that needs to remember their human uniqueness.

Sculptures found a home